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‘The Kendal Flood of December 2015’

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The Kendal Oral History Group in Cumbria was formed in 1987 to record the life stories of local people who have spent all, or a significant part, of their lives in Kendal and the surrounding area. Their recollections are helping to create a collective history and picture of life which complements the official records of the time.

It is only within recent years that the historical importance of oral or spoken history has been realised. The intention of the Kendal Oral History Group is to compile a picture of earlier times through the memories of some of our older residents, all of whom have memories which may be of great historical interest. Such recollections may be about work or play, good times or bad times, friends and acquaintances and will probably not be written down or known to anyone else.

The Kendal Oral History Group is made up of a small group of volunteers who undertake the recordings, transcriptions and other activities. Currently the archive contains over 350 recordings with people born from the 1880s.

Kendal Local Studies Library, Cumbria,  holds a set of Kendal Oral History Group materials. The Index and the summary sheets of each interview are on open access and are available to anyone who wishes to use them. Full transcripts of interviews can be made available via a member of the library staff.

Recordings of the interviews can be heard by prior arrangement.


Copyright of the interviews rests with Kendal Oral History Group, Kendal, Cumbria

Any request for a copy of pages from a transcript/ transcripts should be made using the copyright declaration form giving details of intended use KOHG Copyright declaration

Further information on the Kendal Oral History Group materials and how to use them is available on the Archive webpage.



The photographs on this page were taken at the annual Get Together which was held in October 2017. They show respondents and their guests enjoying tea and conversation and listening to a presentation on the work of the group. A superb display of extracts and photographs was put together by Sylvia Kelly of the Kendal Local Studies Library  and proved popular with the guests.

Photographs by Robert Wilson