Interview Summaries

The Kendal Oral History Group Yvonne Pickhall being interviewed by Jean Turnbull - Warchive includes a summary of the contents of each recording.
It is our intention to place all summaries on the website in due course.

Please note that certain interviews are missing from the sequence, being currently closed or never transcribed.

Photograph (right). Yvonne Pickthall being interviewed in her home by group member Jean Turnbull (2015)

At present the following summary sheets are available:

R0001 Summary male born 1904                 R0002 Summary  male born 1907           R0003Summary  female born 1888          R0004 Summary  female born 1905

R0005 Summary male born 1913                 R0006 Summary male born 1893

R0007 Summary female born 1909           R0009&10 Summary  male born 1924

R0011 Summary male born 1911                  R0012Summary female born 1906          R0013 Summary male born 1906             R0014 Summary female born 1909

R0015 Summary female born 1905              R0016 Summary female born 1905         R0017 Summary male (1906) & female (NK)

R0018 Summary female born 1904             R0019 Summary male born 1914              R0020 Summary female born 1905          R0021 Summary female born 1912

R0022 Summary female born 1909             R0022-2 Summary female born 1909      R0023 Summary female born 1895          R0024 Summary female born 1897

R0025 Summary female born 1933              R0026 Summary male born 1910             R0027 Summary male born 1905              R0028 Summary  female born 1923

R0029 Summary male born 1922                R0030 Summary male born 1902              R0031 Summary male born 1908              R0034 Summary female born 1918

R0035 Summary male born 1915                 R0036 Summary female born 1908          R0037 Summary male born 1902              R0038 Summary female born 1915

R0039 Summary male born 1914                R0040 Summary female born 1909           R0041 Summary male born 1908             R0042 Summary female born 1905

R0043 Summary male born 1912                R0044 Summary female born 1902           R0045 Summary female born 1908          R0046 Summary male born 1916

R0047 Summary male born 1912                R0048 Summary male born 1912               R0049 Summary male born 1912              R0050 Summary male born 1924

R0051 Summary female born 1912             R0052 Summary male & female born 1905                                                                        R0053 Summary female born 1923

R0054 Summary female born 1905            R0055 Summary male born 1921               R0056 Summary female born 1902          R0057 Summary male born 1905

R0058 Summary male born 1922               R0059 Summary female born 1922           R0060 Summary male born 1921              R0061 Summary male born 1921

R0063 Summary male born 1917                R0064 Summary female born 1914           R0065 Summary female born 1918           R0066A Summary male born 1907

R0066 Summary male born 1907               R0067 Summary male DOB NK                 R0068 Summary male & female born 1921

R0069 Summary male born 1903               R0070 Summary female born 1908           R0071 Summary female born 1912            R0072 Summary male born 1927

R0073 Summary male born 1907                R0074 Summary male DOB NK                 R0075 Summary male born 1897               R0076 Summary female born 1914

Summary R0077 female born 1933            Summary R0078 female born 1929            Summary R0079 female born 1914            Summary R0080 female born 1924

R0081 Summary female born 1918            R0082 Summary two females born 1920 & 1923                                                                R0083 Summary male born 1920

R0084 Summary female born 1924            R0085 Summary male born 1917               R0086 Summary female born 1919             R0087 Summary male & female born 1920

R0088 Summary female born 1921             R0089 Summary female born 1927           R0090 Summary male born 1917                R0091 Summary female born 1917

R0092 Summary male born 1918                R0093 Summary male born 1910               R0094 Summary male born 1932                R0095 Summary male born 1919

R0096 Summary male born 1936                R0097 Summary male born 1920               R0098 Summary female born 1934            R0099 Summary female born 1920

R0100 Summary male born 1916

Kendal Oral History Group, Kendal, Cumbria

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