Westmorland Gazette Articles

In 2016 The Westmorland Gazette began printing a weekly column with extracts taken from Kendal Oral History Group’s archive.  To date nearly 200 extracts have appeared in the newspaper and they have proved extremely popular with readers.

Below you will find documents containing the first 46 of these columns and more will be added over the next few months. If you wish to find out more about the lives of these people you can find their full transcripts in the Local Studies Library in Kendal by using the archive number at the foot of each document.

Queen Alexander gave Grandma a Spinning Wheel Abigail Reed born in 1909

Dresses for Winter Dances and the First Motorcar Anne Vance born in 1905

Washing Day and Pasche Egging Anne Vance born in 1905

Being Left-handed got her into Trouble Annie Bateman born in 1921

Father was a Brewery Accountant Barbara Miles born in 1912

Read Sherlock Holmes stories written in Shorthand David Byrom born in 1922

Golf Club Oil Lamps had to be filled Daily Edward Otway born in 1910

A Third-Generation Fishmonger Edward Turner born in 1924

Work in the Pawnshop Eleanor Barrow born in 1905

Stockings Cost Sixpence a Leg Frances Ferguson born in 1921

Walked 32.7 Miles a Night on his Police Beat Harry Bleasdale born in 1907

C.E.O. of Kendal Co-op and Magistrate James Richardson born in 1902

The Visits of the Kaiser John Cave born in 1905

The Badger and Fox lived in Harmony Jonty Wilson born in 1893

Horses Sweat, Gentlemen Perspire, Ladies Glow Margaret Hutchinson born in 1915

Escorting Shire and Clydesdale Horses across Town Melvin Crawford born in 1938

Food Used to Come to us by Tram Mr F Thompson born in 1914

Ran a Weekly Charity Whist Drive for over Forty-five Years Mr T Taylor, born in 1905

Auctioneer tried to sell a ‘Zebra’ Mr W Young born in 1906

At the End of the Day there was still Mending Socks to do Mrs Dague born in 1923

Looking back at classrooms and lessons in times past Fred Knipe born in 1911

Calves Chewed the Legs off a Pair of Girl’s Pyjamas Mrs E Mark born in 1906

Not Allowed to eat Ice-Cream or Chips in School Uniform Peggy Kunslik born in 1927

Head Girl at Kendal High School Dr Sheila Cochrane born in 1923

Group Family Holidays in Scotland Dr Sheila Cochrane born in 1923

Horse Bolted and Spilt all the Milk Sydney Nicholson born in 1906

Grammar School Pupil Beats a Path to Kendal Police Force Wilf Millar born in 1904

Mealbank Weavers went on Strike Annie Edmondson born in 1918

Don’t Talk Tripe – Eat It Jim Ramsden born in 1924

Town Jubilee Mayor but never The Mayor of Kendal Borough Bill Stewart born in 1915

Played Rugby at Lansdowne Road in Dublin Alan Jenner born in 1912

A Ride into Town with two Coffins Mrs Aplin born in 1905

Foreman said “Who’s is that finger” – it was mine George Hutchinson born in 1908

Father was accidently locked in the Parish Church Dorothy Tyson born in 1909

Scottish Holiday Traffic took three hours to get through Town Jim Noble born in 1913

Concerts go far better if there’s a voluntary body running them Jim Noble born in 1913

Paid Twenty-six Shillings a month as an Apprentice Teacher Elsie Blenkarn born in 1908

Christmas at Lowther: All the Village got a Blanket and a joint of beef Elsie Blenkarn born in 1908

Father’s Leg was Amputated in Farm Parlour Sally Hannah Robinson born in 1895

Walked to Windermere to meet with other Guides at Orrest Head Eileen Mark born in 1906

A Fishmonger’s Life for Edward Edward Ellwood Turner born in 1924

What are we going to do with the Horse? Percy Duff born in 1922

Helped a Bootlegger make Prohibition Booze in America John Cave born in 1905

Married to a Man who didn’t Dance! Marjorie Brennand born in 1912

Sunday School Trips on a Chara in the Summer Mary Tweddle born in 1904

They Always Remember the Slipper do the Lads Bruce Reed born in 1921

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